Depression Video Modules

Depression is a common illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. It can cause you to feel low or sad,  have unhelpful or negative thinking, and a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed.

It would be worth watching this ‘Depression – an Introduction’ video first.

Supporting documents for download:

Introduction to Depression (PDF Presentation of Slides)

If you think that your depression is influenced by
your thinking, you might like to consider
looking at

1) STOP technique video

If you think your depression is influenced by what you think about, this technique can help to capture and identify unhelpful thoughts that are causing you distress.


2) Unhelpful thinking habits video

An explanation of types of thinking traps and how unhelpful negative thinking can impact on how we are feeling. This could be helpful if you have low mood or anxiety or struggle with negative and unhelpful thinking.


3) Challenging unhelpful thinking video

this technique could help you to improve your mood when you feel low. Explains how to recognise, capture and challenge unhelpful thinking. This could be helpful if you suffer from Low Mood



If you think that your depression is because you have stopped doing the activities you have previously enjoyed then consider looking at

1) Behavioural Activation video

A technique to help us increase our activity levels by setting small goals, which increases our motivation and improves our mood


2) SMART goals video

Useful if you think of yourself or those who know you say that you feeling low or anxious and struggling with making changes to help yourself


3) Activities video


4) Problem Solving video


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