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Behavioural Activation

This video focusses on how to increase our motivation when feeling low using a technique entitled behavioural activation. Avoiding and withdrawing are common symptoms of depression as you may find it difficult to carry out everyday activities.

Initially, pressure could make us feel that avoiding the activity would be a better solution however the longer we avoid the more difficult it becomes to build the routine up again.

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Challenging Unhelpful Thinking

In this video, we talk to you about a way to improve your mood by challenging unhelpful thinking. Challenging unhelpful thinking is an evidence-based approach to improving low mood or anxiety. It works by identifying negative or unhelpful thoughts and gathering evidence as to the accuracy of the thought. This evidence then helps us to develop a more realistic and helpful thought.

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Learning about how to be more active is one way of helping to improve your mood and manage worry. There are many benefits for being active and it can give you a sense of taking control of your life and make you feel more confident. Focusing on the things that we’re supposed to be doing or the things that we enjoy can give us a sense of pleasure or achievement. Doing nothing can make you feel lethargic and tired and this can contribute to depression. Being active helps to reduce worrying or dwelling on negative thoughts. In this video we discuss the different types of activity and the benefits of being active.

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Thinking Traps

In this video, we’re discussing thinking traps – those unhelpful negative thinking habits that can really impact how we’re feeling. In CBT we often look at the links between our thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behaviours. In this video we look at how the thoughts we experience can have a powerful impact on us and how to be more aware of unhelpful negative thought when they crop up.