TalkPlus and CORONAVIRUS –  Introductory Videos

Video treatment modules
Please feel free to watch these videos from TalkPlus. There are brief descriptions of problems, more detailed introductions, together with a description of CBT and a module on Getting Better Sleep.

Brief descriptions of problems

View in Nepalese – छटपटी/ ब्यकुलता भनेको के हो  ,  उदसिनता भनेको के हो  ,  चिन्ता भनेको के हो

What is CBT – a short and long version

Getting Better Sleep

Brief video from one of our therapists on improving sleep.

Introductions to therapy for different problems

Find these helpful and want to see more?

We have video modules for Depression, Anxiety, Worry and for people with Long Term Conditions.  You can find them by clicking here or using the Video Modules button at the top of the page.


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