The sessions I had with were all very insightful/helpful in addressing my problem and the CBT gave me the strategies of thinking about these in different ways, to fee more able to deal with everyday life. the homework given to me was difficult at times, but you only get out of it what you put in! Many thanks!‘ – Daniel

Guided Self HelpOur Guided Self Help booklets are available to use either on your own or with the support of your practitioner.

Each booklet works through step by step how to implement the intervention and there are worksheets included to help maintain a record of activities and progress.

There is a booklet available for each intervention: Behavioural Activation, Cognitive Restructuring, Problem Solving, CBT for Insomnia and Graded Exposure.

There are video modules on this website discussing and demonstrating some of the techniques included in these booklets. These videos can be found here.

These are interventions that are recommended in the treatment of Depression and Anxiety disorders.

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