TalkPlus is now offering a new treatment option to patients called the FAST pathway, subject to suitability.

FAST stands for:

Focussed – you will focus on one specific issue

Action – you will create an action plan with your therapist to take away from the session    

Soon – you will be offered an appointment soon

Treatment – you can go on for further treatment, if appropriate

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This means we can offer you a FAST session very quickly, usually in the next week.

The aim is to help you get as much as possible in a single FAST session with the understanding that more help is available if needed.

In the session your therapist would help you focus on the issue that you are most bothered about and encourage you to address it effectively.

Your role is to come to the session being prepared to focus on that one issue and work with them to see if you and they can come up with a meaningful solution that you can take forward into your own life.

The goal of the session is to help you to take the first steps towards doing this rather than solving the problem in its entirety.

We will follow up this session with a short phone review usually in about 4 weeks time.

At that time, you may say that you have had all the help you need at this stage, or you might ask to get treatment from TalkPlus therapists in the usual manner, in which case it would be made available to you.

You can find out more about the FAST pathway which is based on Single Session Therapy by watching this short video:

(Please bear in mind, TalkPlus cannot offer walk-in sessions as described but can offer appointments with a short wait on the FAST pathway)

Do you think this would be helpful for you?

If you would like a session on the FAST pathway at TalkPlus, please Self-Refer here, or using the self-refer link in the menu at the top of the page, and mention on the form you would like a FAST session.

You will then get a call to assess your suitability and then if appropriate, you will be offered a FAST appointment, currently by video or phone or face to face.

The FAST pathway can help with a range of issues, including low mood, anxiety, relationship issues and situational concerns. It is not intended for those in crisis – if you are in urgent need of help or feeling suicidal please visit