‘I still think it was one of the most helpful and useful courses I’ve done, so I’d be happy to help spread the word.’  –  Emma

Overall the course was fantastic and, I think, has had a benefit that I can build upon‘ – Kieran

TalkPlus runs a range of courses for various conditions.  Nearly all are held at our main location in The Meads Business Centre, Farnborough.

You can discuss the details of our courses with your therapist during your assessment or treatment and they will help you decide if a course might be appropriate for you.

Guided Self Help Course

Learn a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach to depression and anxiety.

The course covers common symptoms of anxiety and depression and what maintains them. You will be taught evidence based practical skills and techniques to help manage the symptoms.

The course is run over four sessions, of an hour each. It is delivered by two practitioners, there is no expectation for attendees to speak or contribute to the group if they do not wish to do so.


Week 1 – CBT Model for Anxiety and Depression, Self Care and Sleep

Week 2 – Behavioural Activation and Cognitive Restructuring

Week 3 – Worry Management, Problem Solving and Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Week 4 – Graded Exposure, Maintaining Progress and Relapse Prevention

Work Stress

This is a 6 week course aimed to support those experiencing work-related stress.

We will be discussing the impact of stress and provide information, tools and techniques to improve health and wellbeing.


Week 1 Introduction: understanding stress and helpful strategies
Week 2 Health and Wellbeing promotional plan
Week 3 Challenging unhelpful thoughts
Week 4 Assertiveness
Week 5 Problem solving and procrastination
Week 6 Dealing with conflict at work

Long Term Conditions Course

Our Long Term Conditions is for anyone living with a physical illness and struggling with depression, stress or anxiety.

The course aims to promote an understanding and awareness of the impact that a physical illness can have on our mood.

The course also covers several skills and techniques to manage depression and anxiety tailored to those with a physical illness.

The course is run in small groups with opportunity to engage in discussions coupled with a slideshow detailing effective skills and techniques.


Be Mindful – Online Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness is a mind-body approach to life that helps us to relate differently to experiences. It involves paying attention to our thoughts and feelings in a way that increases our ability to manage difficult situations and make wise choices.

The Be Mindful online course was created so that anyone, anywhere, can easily and effectively learn to practise mindfulness in daily life and enjoy the benefits of reduced stress, depression and anxiety.

No matter where you are, or whatever your lifestyle – you have access to this highly acclaimed and recognised online mindfulness training on your phone, tablet or PC.

With a structure that’s easy to follow and at a pace that suits you, you’ll be guided through the elements of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

It will take some work and commitment, but in as little as 4 weeks you’ll be practising mindfulness in your daily life and opening up all the opportunities that the practice of mindfulness brings.

Overcoming Low Mood and Worry

This is a 5 week course and will cover how low mood and worry can affect us and what we can do to help ourselves.

You can learn about low mood and techniques to manage this in a relaxed environment with people who understand how much this can impact our lives. The course will be run in an informal style and so you will be able to take a break or make a drink at any point during the talk.

During the 5 weeks, you will learn skills to understand and overcome low mood and worry. Like learning any other skill such as learning to cook or drive; Practice is key. We therefore ask all participants to commit to an hours home practice of skills between sessions.

The course is not group therapy, so you will not be required to talk in great detail about yourself unless you want to. However we do find that participants learn the skills a lot better if they take part in small group discussions about the ideas being taught.

If you are not able to commit to at least an hours home practice between sessions or do not want to take part in small group discussions then this is probably not the right course for you.

Modules will include:

Week 1 Understanding Low Mood: A CBT Approach
Week 2 Activating yourself
Week 3 Managing Worry and Rumination
Week 4 Clarifying your values and Achieving your goals
Week 5 Bringing it all together and next steps

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy Course for Depression, Anxiety and Pain

An 8-week course for those who want to learn to use mindfulness skills to improve their mental and physical well-being.

This is a practical course teaching participants how to pay greater attention to the present moment – to thoughts, feelings and body states as well as the world around them– in order to be able to take better care of themselves.

Mindfulness practice has been shown to be particularly beneficial for people who are recovering from depression or wanting to deal with anxiety and stress or those who are having to manage longer-term physical health conditions.

Over the course of eight 2-hour classes a range of meditation and resilience building exercises will be introduced and support materials will be provided. There will be the opportunity for small group discussions to reflect on the best use of the exercises and to help tailor the approach to individual needs. Past participants often comment on how they valued the support and mutual learning within the group.

Mindfulness strongly depends on practice. There is therefore an expectation that participants will be able to commit to daily practice between the classes.

Referrals to the course are through your TalkPlus therapist

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