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    You may use our web site freely but you can only self-refer if your GP is in Yateley, Fleet, Farnborough, Blackwater, Aldershot, Farnham or Crondall and you are 16 years and older.

    We ask some of the following questions for NHS data gathering purposes (see your information: why we collect data and our duty of confidentiality at the bottom of this page for more information)

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    (e.g. CMHRS, CAMHS, Psychiatrist or other Therapist)

    If you have previously been referred to a Therapist, Psychologist, Counsellor or Psychiatrist, could you please describe who you saw, when it was and what treatment/support you received?

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    Your answers to the following questions will help us assess your current condition. Your referral cannot be submitted until this section is fully completed.

    Please indicate how often you have been bothered by the following problems over the last two weeks:

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    We may use and share non-identifiable data about your treatment to provide statistics on the performance and effectiveness of our service with NHS England, NHS Digital and the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group relevant to your area.

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